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Phylogenetic trees present one of the ways of reconstructing evolutionary interconnections between different proteins.
Notice that it is only reconstruction. That means, that all the information given in the tree should be checked.

There are different progams, which construct phylogenetic trees. After constructing they usually present result in a special way, called scheme.

There are several principles of constructing schemes:
1. Scheme is a bracket structure. It consists from brackets, commas and names of taxons (taxon is a phylogenetic analog of protein and, hence, amino acid sequence).
2. Inside a pair of brackets there is a branch of the tree. The branch can contain from one taxon or from several taxons. In the latter case all taxons, united in a branch, are put into a pair of brackets.
3. Branches are separated from each other with the help of commas.

Phylogenetic tree

		|    |                                            
		|    +----*Z1188
		          |    |                             
		          |    +----+----*Z1124
		          |         |                        
		          |         +----*Z1563

Its scheme


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