HTH3 family

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Species distribution for HTH3 proteins

   According to Pfam database there have been found 7134 HTH3 gene sequences in 975 various species. Most of the these sequences were found in different bacteria, though they were also found in viruses and phages, archaea and eukaryotes.
   Among bacteria (totally 666 species) HTH3 genes are widely distributed and present in Bacterioidetes (12 species), Cyanobacteria (20), Actinobacteria (73), Proteobacteria (353), Firmicutes (164) and others. Among viruses HTH3 genes are present only in dsDNA viruses (168 ones) without RNA stage and in one ssDNA virus. Only 69 eukaryotic organisms were shown to possess HTH3 genes, though they are dispersed among many subcategories including Fungi (22), Viridiplantae (15), Metazoa (21), Alveolata (10), Euglenozoa (4) and others.

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