Cluster 3

Domain architecture
Protein roleNumber of proteins
Clusters that contain proteins with the same domain architecture
Secretin_N_2 + Secretin
Unknown5 proteins
STN + Secretin_N_2 + Secretin
SctC2 proteins
HrpJ + TyeA
SctW3 proteins
Secretin_N + Secretin + TraK
Unknown1 proteins
SctC4 proteins
Unknown2 proteins
STN + Secretin_N + Secretin
SctC17 proteins
Unknown1 proteins
T2SS-T3SS_pil_N + BON + Secretin
Unknown12 proteins
SctC4 proteins
T2SS-T3SS_pil_N + Secretin
Unknown8 proteins
SctC25 proteins
SctC5 proteins
Unknown5 proteins
AMIN + STN + Secretin_N + Secretin
SctC3 proteins
TyeA9 proteins
No Pfam domain found.
Unknown1 proteins
SctC4 proteins
Secretin_N + Secretin_N + Secretin
Unknown2 proteins
SctC19 proteins
Secretin_N + Secretin
SctC87 proteins
Unknown4 proteins
Secretin_N + Secretin_N + Secretin_N + Secretin
Unknown7 proteins
SctC15 proteins
SctW12 proteins
Unknown20 proteins