Output table





Number of domains

m6a_alpha_II_1 M.RspRSORF239P 64.9 1.2e-19 1
m5c_C5_II_1 M.Alw26I 186.6 2.8e-56 1

Class is a classification unit. Name of the class contains information about this DNA methyltransferse domain. So "m6a_alpha_II_1" means that the protein has m6a type of methylation, belongs to alpha motif group and probably is a part of type II restriction-modification system.
Protein is your subject. Those subjects that have no hits at current threshold will not be presented in the table.
Score is global score for the hit.
E-value is global e-value meaning for the hit.
Number of domains is a number of hits found in the sequence by the same pattern.