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Nucleic Acid-Protein Interaction DataBase (NPIDB) project

The database NPIDB (Nucleic acid – Protein Interaction DataBase) contains information derived from structures of DNA-protein and RNA-protein complexes extracted from Protein Data Bank (PDB) (1932 complexes in the end of 2007). It is equipped with a web-interface and a set of tools for extracting biologically meaningful characteristics of complexes.

We would deeply appreciate all your ideas and suggestions regarding our project.

We are committed to satisfy all potential database users in order to:

  1. Provide an essential information on structural features of DNA-protein and RNA-protein interaction for the users who need to get acquainted with the problem.
  2. Give an effective access to the reasonably structured information about all DNA-protein and RNA-protein complexes containing in PDB.
  3. Allow all visitors a quick access to our own research.


Andrei Alexeevski, Anna Karyagina, Sergei Spirin

Former developers

Sergey Vasil'ev, Rimma Ledneva, Mikhail Titov


The description of a preliminary version called DPIDB (DNA-protein interaction database): Biofizika 2001, 46 (6):1010–1021.

The description of the current version: Bioinformatics 2007, 23 (23), 3247–3248

The work is supported by the Russian Foundation of Basic Research, grants 06-07-89143 and 06-04-49558, and INTAS, grant 05-1000008-8028

Last modified:  July 2008

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